Stephanie C.

Theres this Italian guy and his wife who absolutely love wine. So one day this guy is at work (he works for a construction agency). He stumbles and falls over a weird looking bottle. So he picks it up and looks at it. He looks at it and sees an inscription on it, but he can't make out what it says so he rubs it. Out pops this beautiful pink smoke. The smoke turns into a beautiful genie. "You have woken me up, now I shall give you your wish." "Well," Says the guy, "I love wine, I was wondering that instead of me buying wine, do you think I can piss it out?" With that the genie worked her magic and POOF! so the guy went to the bathroom and pissed out red wine. "wow, I can't wait to tell my wife!" the guys said happily. So that night he goes home and tells his wife to get two glasses. "Why do we need these?" asked the wife. "Cuz I rubbed a genie bottle and wished to piss wine." With that he unzipped his pants and pisses out wine. They try it and realized that it was the best wine they have ever had. So every night when he got home from work the guy and his wife would celebrate something new. So one day the guy comes home and tells his wife to get him one glass. The wife was puzzled, "Why only one glass?" The guy turned to her and said, "I'll take it in a glass and you can take it from the tap!"

funniness: 7.07

rating: R