Jason Z.

A Man walks into a pharmacy one afternoon with a big grin on his face. He walks up to the counter and says, "Can I get one condom please?" And without hesitation, the pharmacist sells him the condom and the man leaves. The next day at the same time, the man comes back into the store, still bearing a big grin on his face and purchases another condom. This goes on for the next 5 days. On the 5th day, the pharmicist says to his assistant, "I want you to follow that man if he comes in today to buy a condom. Just see where he goes, or what he does with the condom. That's fairly suspicious that he buys them everyday." Half an hour later, the man comes back in bearing the big grin, purchases the condom, and then leaves. The pharmicist's assistant heads out the front door to follow the man. 45 minutes later, the assistant comes back with a pale, bleek look on his face, a look as if he had just seen a ghost. The pharmicist says, "It looks as if you had just seen a ghost... So, what happened? What'd the guy do with the condoms?" The assistan replies, "He went to your house."

funniness: 7.10

rating: PG