Asaf R.

Mr. Penis hereby requests a raise for the following reasons: 1. Does a hard manual labor. 2. Works in great depths. 3. Works head down. 4. Works in a dark unventilated workplace. 5. Works in conditions of extreme humidity. 6. Works without receiving any legal vacations or Sunday's off. 7. Works in atoxic environment. 8. Works without time off and without extra pay for overtime. 9. Works in high temperature. 10. Exposed to personal diseases in his work place. The Administration's response: Inspite of the reasons mentioned by Mr. Penis, the management rejects all of employee Dick Penis's requests for the following reasons: 1. Doesn't work 8 hours in a row. 2. Falls asleep in his workplace after a short period of work. 3. Doesn't always meet the workplace requirments. 4. Is not layal to his workplace. 5. Lacks any education. 6. Retires to pension earlier than normal. 7. Doesn't work on his own, but needs to be pushed from behind. 8. Doesn't leave his workplace clean and neat when done working.

funniness: 6.82

rating: R