Ronny F.

A mafia king is lying on his sick bed when he calls in one of his godsons. "Mikey, get over here," he says, "before I go, I gotta ask you to do me one favor." "Yes, godfather, anything you ask me I'll do, I worship you more than anything!" "OK!" says the old man, "I want you to go to the bathroom and jerk off!" Feeling uneasy the boy says, "I don't know, it is embarassing." The old man says, "Who raised you as if you were my kid huh, you can't do it for me?" The youngster agrees and does the deed, he comes back and says, "OK I did it." The old man says, "One more request, do it again!" The boy looks and says, "Why? I just did?" The old man says, "Who gave you money, clothes, girls, huh? you can't do this little thing for me?" The boy agrees and goes to do it. He comes back sweating and says "OK, done!" "One last request, do it one last time! " says the old man. "I don't understand, why?" says the boy. "Don't ask, Can't you grant a dying man his last wish?" The boy goes and does it again, he comes back crawling, barely able to talk, "OK I did it again, but please no more, I got no more left! "Good!" says the old man, he hands him car keys and says, "Now drive to the airport and pick up my daughter!"

funniness: 7.92

rating: PG