Alex A.

A downeast couple who had never been any farther west than the local store decided to go on a vacation driving across the country just to be able to see it before they got too old. They had driven about a day and a half when they happened upon a for sale sign at the end of a farmer's driveway advertising a cow for sale. The sign said, "Cow For Sale $5,000." They passed by the sign and drove a little ways when the husband said that he was going back to see the cow, because he had never seen a $5,000 cow. He drove up to the farmer's house and knocked on the door and asked the farmer to see the cow. Upon looking at the cow it looked just like any other cow so he asked the farmer why it was worth $5,000. The farmer took him around back of the cow and showed him that the cow a cunt just like a woman. He said he guessed that it was worth the $5,000 that the farmer was asking. They left and started on their way and he kept saying "It just ain't fair.. .....It just ain't fair.....It just ain't fair." Finally the wife said, "What ain't fair?" And he said, "Theres that farmer who has a cow with a cunt like a woman worth $5,000......and here I am got a woman with a cunt like a cow, ain't worth 5 cents.

funniness: 5.32

rating: R