Sunny G.

Every fall the Ace Hotel saw the pilgrimage of the Blue Society in their quest to watch the leaves change color. They counted their nickels and drank large quanties of tea, but otherwise, were no trouble except for this year. One of their members was a thief. Hotel rooms were invaded and wallets were stolen. Then the hotel called in a detective. The detective ordered dinner in his room where he could devise a plan of capture. First, the maid came in to deliver fresh towels. Then a newlywed couple, locked in embrace, accidentially entered his room before making an apologetic departure. Next, an elderly lady knocked and entered, then apologized when she saw it was the detective's room and not hers. Then room service knocked bringing in the detective's dinner. Half-way through dinner he suddenly knew who the prime suspect was. Who? SOLUTION: It was the elderly lady. If she had really thought it was her room, she wouldn't have knocked before entering.

funniness: 6.58

rating: PG