Ass M.

Billy's car broke down on the side of the road. He didn't know how to fix it so he walked to a farm he had seen about a mile back and he asked if he could use the phone. Billy called his insurance company, but they said they couldn't be there till the next day, so he asked if he could stay there till his insurance company came the next day. "Sure, but I don't have a guest room so you'll have to stay in the barn." Billy didn't like the idea of having to stay in the barn, but had no alternative since it was the only house for miles, and it was getting dark, so he agreed. The man took Billy out to the barn, and showed him where he could stay. The man was about to leave when Billy asked, "Hey, by the way what are those three holes on the wall, they're all the same size and height." "Oh they are just holes, just leave them alone, don't go near them." After saying that the man left. Of course it's human to do what you are told not to, so Billy went to the hole and looked in, but he couldn't see anything. Since he coulden't see anything he stuck his finger in it, it was nice, tight, and moist. After that he decided to leave it alone. He went to sleep, and had this absolutly great sex dream. He woke up from his dream in the middle of the night and felt he was near orgasm and needed to fuck something. Then he remembered the hole and how it felt on his finger. So he went to the hole and fucked it hard, and it felt so good. He went on and try the second hole, that one was even better. So he tried the last hole. It was so good he never wanted to stop! After he came like never before he returned to sleep. When he woke up the man was standing over him. "Finally decide to wake up, have a drink, it's milk, I just got it this morning." Billy took a big gulp of the milk, "Thanks, but I just have to know what those three holes are." After a little convincing, the man told him, "The first one it my pig, the second one is my cow, and the last one is the thing that milks the cow. But you should know that since you milked the cow last night. This morning the bucket was almost full, and that's what you are drinking."

funniness: 7.34

rating: R