Jenny L.

Two guys were lost in a jungle on a tropical island when they accidently stepped into one of the traps belonging to a cannibal tribe. The cannibal chief said. "You will be punished for stepping on our sacred land. Your punishment will either be Bundi or death." The first guy steps forward, "The second choice doesn't sound very good, so I'll take Bundi." All the cannibals lined up in a row and took turns in shoving their cock up the first guy's ass. When every cannibal had a turn, the guy goes. "Ewww! Yuck! That was so gross!" And he was set free. The second guy steps forward, "That was completely disgusting! I'd rather die then have you savages shove your penises up my ass!" So the cannibal chief goes, "Death by Bundi!"

funniness: 6.44

rating: R