Diana S.

One night, a little five year old girl got scared while she was sleeping, so she ran into her parents room. The girl asked if she could sleep with them, and they said yes, just don't look under the covers. After a while, the little girl got bored and looked under the covers at her dad. She asked her dad, "Daddy, what's the thing between your legs?" Her dad said it was his snake. She said ok. Then the little girl looked under the covers again, and looked at her mom. She asked her mom "Mommy,what is that thing between her legs?" Her mom said it was her cave. The girl said ok. Later on that night, the parents started having sex, and the daughter asked them what they were doing. The parent said that they were having sex. Then her mom said, "Daughter, if a snake ever comes near you, chop it's head off, ok?" The daughter said, "Ok." So years laterm the girl and her boyfriend were laying on her bed, watching TV, then they started making out. The girl's boyfriend was just about to put his penis in her, and she told him to hold on. She went out to the kitchen and got a knife. When she got back, her boyfriend asked her what she went to get, and she said nothing. When they girls boyfriend was just about to put his penis into her again, she chopped it off. While the boyfriend was screaming, he asked her, "Why did you do that?" She said, "When I was about five, my mom said that if a snake ever came near me, to chop its head off." Ever since then, the girl never had sex.

funniness: 4.31

rating: R