Alex R.

Little Jonny grew up in Wyoming and all his life he wanted to work in the big city. When he was eighteen he got a job as an apprentice in a funeral parlour in New York. When he returned home for the holidays his family were eager to know of his experiences in New York, so he told them a story. "My boss Mr. Clark is the kindest, cleverest man in the world!" Jonny began. "Just the other day we got a call from a large hotel. Two customers had died during the night and they wanted us to remove the bodies without too much of a fuss. Mr. Clark took me along and we got the room number from reception. We went up in the elevator, and the door was already open. We saw two bodies in the middle of the bed still intertwined from the act of lovemaking. We tried to pull them apart but they wouldn't budge. Mr. Clark stepped back and announced that he had an idea. He picked up his cane and inserted it between the man and woman. They came apart with a moist slapping sound." "I'll bet that solved the situation smartly", interrupted the father. "Well it turned out that we had the wrong room, but..."

funniness: 6.27

rating: PG