Ronny F.

A man is driving down the Las Vegas strip. Suddenly he sees a hugh crowd of people standing around something that he could not see. He drives his car towards the scene, gets out and sees an overturned truck. Every single woman is sobbing, saying Jerome is dead! he's dead! Curious to know who that person is, he look under the truck and sees a man with his clothes torn off next to a pool of blood. The most noticeable thing was the man's member, it was 14" long. As he drives back home to L.A. he sees women crying, mumbling, "He's dead!" He gets home and tells his wife, "Honey, you wouldn't believe what I saw. I saw a truck that killed a man tore off his clothes, and the most amazing thing is the guy had a 14" dick!" His wife looked at him with disbelief and said, "Oh my goodness, Jerome is dead?"

funniness: 7.00

rating: R