Jorgen P.

Two policemen met at the office one morning. The first cop had noticed that the second cop always brought home his gun after a days work. Curious about this, the second cop asked the first cop why he brought home his gun every day. "Well, if you really wanna know, said the second cop, I use it when me and my wife have sex together." "What!?...I mean how?", said the perplexed first cop. "When we are at it the most and I'm almost ready to come, I shoot with my gun in the ceiling, scaring my wife so she pinches so hard which makes me endure a bit longer." When the first chock is gone, the first cop is thinking of doing the same thing. So, one evening he takes his gun home and tries just what his colleague told him. Next day he doesn't show up at work, and after 3 weeks he returns to the station, pale and without any strength. The second cop walks towards him and says, "Hey man, what on earth happened to you?" "You won't believe this, but I was crazy enough to try out your gun-shooting exercise at home with my wife. When I was nearly coming I shot of my gun, I got shit all over my face and my wife bit off half my dick!"

funniness: 6.39

rating: R