Devin K.

One of my teachers once told me his wife got a sales call. His wife, Loretta, was giving the sales person a hard time. Here's how it goes... The phone rings and loretta picks up. "Hello?" she asked. "Yes, this is MCI. We are wondering if you would like to sign up for our 5 cent Sundays." "Well, I don't know could you tell me some more about it?" Loretta asked. So the sales person proceeds to tell her about it. "Well, I am still not sure if I am ready to order this...could you give me your number at home so I could call you with my deciscion?" Loretta said. "Um ma'am I am sorry we do not give out our home phone numbers." the salesperson replied. "Why not?" Loretta asked. "We do not want people calling us at home..." "Well neither do we!" she replied and hung up. Feel free to use this on salepeople. I almost guaruntee they won't call back! :?)

funniness: 7.05

rating: PG