Jo M.

One day John was walking past a shop when he noticed a sign in the window, ASSISTANT WANTED it said. So John went up to the counter and asked the man who was standing there if he could have a job. "Sure" said the guy behind the counter "start right away because I have to go on a trip, but there is one thing I should tell you first...we don't pay money." John looked puzzled, "what do you pay then" he asked. "Well" said the guy behind the counter, "when you finish your shift go upstairs and you will see five doors knock on the door of your choise and a naked women will answer, take you inside and attend to your male needs." John agreed and started to work, when he had finished he went up the stairs and knocked on the first of the five doors. Just as he had been told a naked women opened the door and took him inside, but all he got was a quick hand job, this happened everynight. When the man who had given him the job returnrd from his trip John told him he was not happy. "Sorry, did I forget to tell you we work a week in hand here?" said the man.

funniness: 3.95

rating: R