Mac M.

This new married farmer went to the doctor and said he was losing weight like mad since he got married. The doctor asked him how often he was having sex with his wife. The man said, "Well when I first get up in the morning we make love. I go out to feed the stock and come back in for breakfast and I get some. I go out to the field and plow til ten o clock when my wife bringd some ice water and we get a little bit. Then at lunchtime I get it again. About two oclock in the afternoon my wife brings a cool glass of iced tea out to the field and we do it again.. That last me til I get in in the afternoon and have a bath then we get it on again. After supper before the news we do it again and then we make mad passionate love for a couple hours after we go to bed at night." The doctor told him that he had to lay off that stuff or he would die. The farmer told him that he would try. The doctor didn't see the farmer for about a year and one day the Doc rode out to the farmer's house to check on him and when he saw the farmer he had gained all his weight back. The Doc said, "I see you took my advice and stopped some of thst love making." The farmer said, "NO, I still get as much as ever but I did find out what was wrong." The doc asked what was wrong. The farmer said, "I quit playing with myself in between times."

funniness: 7.18

rating: R