John K.

Jesus, Moses and Elija were feeling good one day so they decided to go golfing. Jesus being Jesus always gets to tee off first. They get to the 7th hole, which is a long par 5 with a creek running across it at about 240 yards. Jesus gets up to tee off and selects his driver. Moses asks Jesus if he is going to try to drive across the creek and Jesus says that he is feeling so good that he thinks he can make it. So Jesus tees off and it is a long drive but it lands in the middle of the creek. Jesus asks Moses to part the water of the creek so he can retrieve his ball saying, "You know how much I hate to lose a ball." So Moses parts the waters of the creek and the ball is retrieved. Jesus tees it up again and because he is Jesus he gets unlimited mulligans. Jesus says he is going to try to drive the creek again. Moses responds, "Ok, but I am not going to help you get it back again!" Jesus hits tee shot again and sure enough kerr plop it lands in the creek again. So he goes down and is walking on the water looking for his ball. Meanwhile back at the tee the folowing foursome has reached the tee. One of the golfers says to Moses, "Look at that guy walking on the water. Who does he think he is? Jesus Christ?" Moses responds, "No, he thinks he is Tiger Woods."

funniness: 6.22

rating: G