Barrett W.

There were these two gay golfers playing golf on a Sunday afternoon. There were a group of rednecks behind them, who were always hitting the queers with the golf balls. One of the queers says to the other, next time they hit us, fall down and act like you are hurt, cause we are going to sue them rednecks. Well, sure enough, the one of the balls hits one of the queers and he falls down and starts flopping all around. The group of rednecks come up and asks what the problem is. The queer says, you hit my friend with the ball and he is hurt bad. We are going to sue you all. One of the rednecks says, "Aw, suck my dick. Well, the queer tells the other queer to get up, because they are going to settle out of court."

funniness: 6.43

rating: R