Moranda G.

A truck driver was trucking down the highway with his parrot, when he spotted a blonde hitchhiker, he stopped his big rig and motioned her to the passangers side. When she opened the door he said, "Fuck or walk." She replied, "WALK!" and slammed the door. His parrot started laughing histerically and the truck driver said to him "Shut up parrot, if you laugh one more time I'm going to throw you in the back!" So the truck driver and his parrot went trucking further down the highway and came across a brunette hitchhiker. When he stopped the truck, she opened the door and he said, "Fuck or walk?" She replied, "WALK!" and slammed the door. The parrot started laughing worse then last time and the truck driver said, "Thats it!" and threw him in the back and drove off. Further down the highway a cop pulled the truck driver over, "Excuse me sir, are you shipping a load of chickens?" the cop asked. "Why yes officer I am, why?" "You're losing your chickens!" So the trucker and the cop went in the back and the parrot was holding a chicken by the neck saying, "Fuck or walk." The chicken went WOULK! And the parrot threw the chicken out the door.

funniness: 6.42

rating: R