John C.

I want to be rich when I grow up With a manly and muscular figure. I want to grow up to be Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenneger. I want to want muscleman movies For two million dollars a day. I'll run through the streets with my shirt off And blow all the bad guys away. The evil will tremble with terror Their knees will go wobbly and weak, And the bullets they fire at my body Will bounce off my manly physique. Even the vilest villain When launching an all-out attack Will turn to a quivering coward When I smile and say "I'll be back". All women will swoon in the presence Of the world's most masculine man. I'll marry a gorgeous, rich heiress Perhaps from the Kennedy clan. And even if my health should falter My wealth will grow bigger and bigger. And that's why I want to be Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenneger.

funniness: 4.50

rating: PG