Betty-Lou B.

Once upon a time, in a small town called Shock-Uh-Locka, there were two town friars (as in Friar Tuck on Robin Hood). The friars loved flowers and plants, and were often putting off their duties to go see the newest flowers. One day, as the friars were on a walk through the forest, they heard a noise. "What was that?" one asked the other. The other tried to show courage, so he pressed on past his partner. When the two came to a clearing, they saw the cause of the noise. There was a man-eating Hibiscu! "We could get rich off of this!" they exclaimed. So they tied the man-eating Hibiscus up and brought it to Shock-Uh-Locka. By the next day the people of Shock-Uh-Locka were lined up, ready to pay to see this man-eating Hibiscus. All was going well until The flower-crazed friars went nuts and began to push people into the way of the flower, so they were eaten. The town was furious at this, and called in the strongest man in the world, Hyoo. Hyoo, the great hero, came that very day and killed the crazy plant friars. Now, Smokey the Bear, what did we learn? ONLY HYOO CAN PREVENT FLORIST FRIARS!

funniness: 5.38

rating: PG