Jim L.

Years ago an evangelist friend of mine was preaching at a small community church. And as the custom was at that time the preacher stayed with one of the families of the church. Breakfast was always a family event, especially when company was there. With five kids, a husband, and a hungry visitor to feed. The wife cooked up a huge meal, bacon, ham, eggs, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, pancakes, with all the trimmings. To make it better there was home made jellies, maple syrup, butter, and sorghum molasses. This preacher loved sorghum molasses and after he had eaten all the he could hold of everything else he ask for the molasses. When he poured enough into his plate he rolled the jar to stop it from flowing as molasses is real thick. While he was doing this he noticed the five year old son of the cook watching him and after a long few seconds the little boy pipes up and says for all to hear, "lick it preacher we do."

funniness: 4.63

rating: G