Dave K.

(This really happened) Caller: Is this Tech Support? Tech: Yes it is. How may I help you? Caller: Well, it's a software problem. Somthing with the power. Tech: The power supply? Caller: Yes. Thats it. Tech: The power supply is hardware sir, not software. Caller: No, this is a software problem. Tech: Ok, what exactly is the problem? Caller: Black smoke keeps coming from the vents when I turn it on. Tech: You need a new power supply. What you need to do is take it... Caller: No! It's a software problem! (The tech guy realising at this point that the guy is totally clueless about computers, and won't let up that it is a software problem, he decided to just lead him on) Tech: Oh. I guess you are right. It MUST be a software problem. Caller: That's what I've been trying to tell you! So how do I fix it? Tech: Do you have your Windows 95 Startup Disk still? Caller: Hold on, let me find it. (Pause) Yes, I have it. Tech: Ok, on that disk is a program called "Microsoft Anti-smoke". Put the disk in, turn on the machine, and it will be fixed. Caller: Ok, hold on (Pause) No, it didn't work. Tech: You must need a higher version of Anti-Smoke. Call Microsoft. Caller: Ok, thanks. (So the man calls Microsoft) Microsoft: Microsoft Tech Support, How may I help you? Caller: I called this other tech guy and told him that there was smoke coming out of power supply. At first he said I needed to replace it, but I wouldn't let him rip me off like that. So he said you guys had the program called "Anti-Smoke" on the disk I got with my computer. We tryed it, but I need A higher version. Microsoft: Sir I don't... (And then the Microsoft guy got what the other support guy was doing. So he went with it too.) Microsoft: Ok sir, that won't be a problem. I need the numbers of the back of your computer so I know what version to send you. Caller: Ok. (Pause) Z4.... Microsoft: I'm sorry, did you say "Z" was the first letter of the code? Caller: Yes.... Microsoft: I'm afraid we have no version of "Anti-Smoke" that will work with "Z Class" computers. Caller: Then what do I do? Microsoft: You will have to replace your power supply. Caller: Ok, thanks. Microsoft: Sure. Goodbye. (Click)

funniness: 7.21

rating: PG