Moe R.

The names of 15 states are hidden in the sentences below. 1. Is that terrible bore gone yet? 2. "Mama, I need a new bicycle said the little boy". 3. We saw the color ad on the front page of the newspaper. 4. "Oh, I only like mustard on hot dogs," my uncle said. 5. Put a ham in the shopping cart. 6. I see the lovely miss is sipping soda through a straw. 7. Will Al ask a doctor about the pain in his neck? 8. Where did Mary land her plane after the transatlantic flight? 9. I sure miss our incredible teacher, don't you? 10. The new beach has a Wade law, a Read law, and a sand castle law. 11. I want a large or giant box of chocolates to share with my friend. 12. Before I connect, I cut the wires and tape the ends. 13. Ken, tuck your shirt in please. 14. If Lori dares to speak out in class, she'll be sent to the office again. 15. "I fell ill," I noisily complained to the flight attendant. =========================================================================== 1. bORE GONE 2. MaMA I NEed 3. COLOR AD On 4. "OH,I Only 5. pUT A Ham 6. MISS IS SIPPIng 7. AL ASK A 8. MARY LAND 9. MISS OUR Incredible 10. WaDE LAW, A REad law 11. larGE OR GIAnt 12. CONNECT,I CUT 13. KEN, TUCK Your 14. iF LORI DAres 15. ILL, I NOISily.

funniness: 5.74

rating: G