Shameka M.

A couple was having problems so they decided to go to a marriage counselor. What is the problem? said the counselor. "George just doesn't seem to be pleasing me in bed. I need for him to knock my boots. I want my pussy to throb and that's when i'll know that we had a good fuck. Not that boring fuck he calls himself doing. I need something to last for at least a month." said Peggy. "Well I'm getting older not younger. I think my fuck is quite good." said Max. "That is just what you think. Counselor help us! I'm ready to get a divorce." said Peggy. "Well sir you need to wax that ass!" said the counselor. "What the hell does that mean." said Max. "I'll show you!" said the counselor. He grabs the lady and pulls her close to him. Then he pushes her really hard onto the couch. Snatches off her clothes. Whips his dick out and jams it into her. Strokes her very hard until he ejaculated. "Whoaaa" she said. "Like that!" said the counselor. "Wow. Pretty cool. Well here's what we'll do. I'll bring her back once a month, and I'll come back once a week so you can stroke me like that.

funniness: 5.03

rating: R