Deb D.

1. Stand on their front lawn looking skyward singing Gregorian chants. 2. Stand in their driveway picking your nose. 3. Stare at one thing for 20 minutes, then stare at them. 4. Pick out a lot of stuff, then inform them you have no money. Ask if they take credit cards. 5. Wait until a large group of people are looking around then shout "WHAT'S THAT GOD-AWFUL SMELL!" 6. Stand in their driveway with an evil look on your face, hand on groin and giggle maliciously. 7. When other people come, run up to them and say "Don't bother!" 8. Pretend to trip over something. Act like you're in a lot of pain. (More effective if you fall down, roll around screaming). 9. Try to buy something with Monopoly or play money. Act annoyed when they won't take it. 10. Put dead cockroaches on the dishes.

funniness: 5.52

rating: G