Locke W.

Learned from experience... Whatever you do, do not plant broken stink bombs in a air tight ballon. Make sure that when you put the ol super glue to the teachers chair trick, that she's not in the room. Don't try to prove any of them wrong. It's best just to sit back and watch. Caution while using stink bombs, they brake if they are put in your back pocket. And when they are looking for who did it, don't stand up. The oder and the stink juices are easily seen. Don't shoot spitballs at teachers when they are screaming, especially when you're 2 feet in front of them. Don't get caught sawing in the desk legs to weaken them. They suspend you for about 15 days. Don't plan to hit your dean with pop fill ballons, make sure you got your deploma first.

funniness: 4.47

rating: PG