Erin M.

Sung to the tune of Baby One More Time Oh boobie boobie Oh boobie boobie Oh boobie boobie my chest was supposed to grow my cleavage wasn't right no my boobies boobies my breasts are completely phony and now my sweater's tight yeah Surgery I've got to be a D bigger mamories I want them to show now oh because My chest flatness was killing me ( And I ) I must confess, I paid for these ( paid for these ) I look 32, I'm just a child I am a crime Make my boobies one more size Oh baby baby I got the boobies it's true and now you've all been blinded oh pretty boobies your so big and oh so new that's just the way I planned it Golly Rolling Stone was naughty see me baby barly wearing clothes now because Repeat Chorus

funniness: 6.39

rating: PG