Jesse R.

Hello, readers, of course, it is I, Dilbert. The one and only. And I have a review of a movie for you, which technically isn't a movie to me, since I found 6,765 technical errors, and the maximum to qualify as a movie is 6,764. All right, let's talk about this "movie." It was called SWEP1TPM. I am now speaking in the Engineer code. The movie wasn't GAA. I found many TEs. I could easily tell that the SEs were F. How can anyone like this movie? The plot was OK, but the plot doesn't matter in a movie. It's all about the LATC. DYUWIS? I give this M 0 Ss. (there was a lot more in, but we cut 99.99754% out because it would C your COM) Translations: SEWP1TPM = Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace GAA: Good At All TE: Technical Error SE: Special Effect DYUWIS: Do you understand what I'm saying? M = Movie S = Star C = crash COM = computer (original size was = 3.7MB)

funniness: 2.89

rating: PG