Jed D.

A man and a woman were on their honeymoon, and they decided they were going to try to have sex in as many positons that they could think of. They did it under water, while driving, hanging from the ceiling. Then the man said, "Lets both get on either side of the room and run at each other." So they got into their places and began to run. They accidentally missed, and the man ended up flying out the window. He smashed on the pavement where a janitor was sweeping. The janitor figured he couldn't clean up the mess alone so he called for backup on his walkie-talkie. "Hey Jerry some guy just jumped naked out of a window and splattered on the pavement, do ya think you could lend me a hand?" The other janitor replied," You think thats bad, well i've got a woman stuck up here on a door nob."

funniness: 7.08

rating: R