Amanda L.

A doctor, a wife of a house-husband, receives a call to the ER. When she arrives, she is told that her husband and their chauffer have been involved in and accident where they were hit by a drunk man driving an 18-wheeler. She goes to see her husband, and is stopped by a fellow doctor exiting the ER. He stops, and pulls her to the side. "Have you heard what happened yet?" he asks. "Not exactly. Is my husband alright?" "He is alive, but there is something very critical that happened." "What?!" "He's missing his penis." The wife made a confused face, and went in to see him. He was on heavy pain killers and had fallen asleep, and so she went to see the chauffer. When she entered the room, she was again confronted by the same fellow doctor. "I have more bad news for you, but some good news too." "What's that?" "Your chauffer died, she choked." "sigh. What's the good news?" "We found your husband's penis."

funniness: 7.14

rating: R