James L.

Supermodel Kate Moss is serious about taking up golf Unfortunately all her supermodel friends neither have the time nor interest she does to get out and play. So poor Kate is forced to hit the links solo and play with whomever she can. Being a marginal athlete at best, Kate finds it very difficult to break a 100 in a round where ever she plays. And being a perfectionist, over time this begins to frustrate her to no end. One afternoon, Kate shows up at the Prince Course in Kaui, Hawaii by herself and finds a threesome of local men to play with. From the start Kate explains her frustration to the strangers, and welcomes their suggestions and helpful hints to improve her game so that she may finally break 100. Devastated by her overwhelming beauty, the three men are more than willing to help her in any way they can, and offer up all their best advise as the day goes on. Luckily for Kate their helpful advise pays off, and as the foursome approaches the par 4 18th, Ms Moss has a 95 and only needs to par the hole to finally break 100. Kate is ecstatic, and with the mens help she reaches the green in 3, and has only a 4 foot putt for par. This being the most important putt of life, and the only thing that matters to her in the whole world at that moment, she turns to the three men and says: "whomever gives me the best advise on how to sink this putt, will be rewarded with the blowjob of lifetime from me on the spot, a hummer you will be able to tell your grand children about!" After a day of getting to know Ms Moss, there was little doubt in the their minds, that she was very serious about that offer, and it was not questioned. The three men stood shell shocked, barley able to speak, then one man said: "you have a 6 inch break to the left, play that and you'll sink it." Kate nodded her head, acknowledging the advise, and then turned to look at the second man for his input. The second man realized he not only had to think quickly, but he had to come up with a different recommendation to win this coveted prize. Just the thought of Kate Moss slurping on his hog on the 18th of the Prince Course, left him absolute brain dead and almost speechless. Kate getting impatient said: "well, what do you think?" Feeling rushed now, he blurted out "straight shot, no break, nice and easy." Kate raised her eyebrows, a little surprised and confused then turned to look at the shot again. As she studied the shot, she asked the third man for his advise. Not hearing a reply, she turned to look at the third man standing behind her. The mans shorts and underwear were already at his ankles, and his sausage was saluting her proudly. Then a with a shit eating grin on his face, the third man said: "That's a gimme!"

funniness: 6.35

rating: PG