Nix E.

One day a hippy walks into a restaurant. He sits down at a table and a waiter comes over to take his order. "What can I get ya?" the waiter asks the hippy. "I want a BLT, with not too much bacon, not too much lettuce, but right on the groove." he responds. The waiter brings him the BLT and asks him if he wants anything to drink. "I want a cup of tea. Not too hot, not too cold, but right on the groove." By now the waiter is getting kinda pissed and some of the tea sploshes out of the cup when he brings it over. Still, he asks the hippy if he wants some desert. "I want some ice cream, with not too much chocolate, not too much vanilla, but right on the groove." This time the waiter responds, "Why don't you kiss my ass. Not on the right cheek, not on the left cheek, but right on the groove!"

funniness: 5.37

rating: R