Charles C.

As the Lion was strolling through the jungle he grabbed a monkey, roared and asked, who's the king of the jungle? The monkey said, "You are Mr. Lion." The lion said, "That's right and I won't hurt you, now I will let you go. The lion continued strolling as he came upon a zebra. The Lion roared, jumped out and grabbed the zebra by the neck. The zebra was frightened, the lion asked, "Who's the king of the jungle? The zebra answered, "you ar!" The lion said, "That's correct and never forget it!" The lion continued strolling, there was a heard of elephants at a water hole. One elephant said to another, "Here comes that no good lion with that king of the jungle crap. I am not going to let him get away with it this time." The lion roared and asked the elephants who's the king of the jungle? The one elephant hit him on his side with his trunk knocking him across the ground for several feet. Then wrapped his trunk around the lion and tossing the lion into the air. Just as the elephant was about to step on the lion, the lion said, "Hey, hold it, there is no reason to get mad cause you don't know the correct answer."

funniness: 5.38

rating: PG