Joe C.

There was a nun who one day decided she wanted to quit the convent. She was getting annoyed with following God and being pure. So she packs up and goes and soon she sees this bar. She decided to go in and take a look. The man next to her says "Umm, excuse me!" "yes", Says the nun. "My name is Mr. Calloway and I was wondering if you would like to go to my place and fuck." The nun was in horror, but she was living a new life, so she says, "sure, why not, just one thing though. I have just left the convent so please don't use God's name during sex." He agrees. They are back at his place screwing and she just discovered what her pussy can really do. As she's experimenting she seems to get really out of control and the man screams out, "Oh God!" The nun stops and says, "I told you not to do that." "I know, but it just felt so good that I couldn't help it." Says the man. As they're having sex again the nun sees the man has a wedding ring, so she screams, "Oh, Mrs. Calloway!"

funniness: 5.53

rating: R