Stanley T.

Wednesday May 19 1999, will remain a day I'll never forget. Not only because it was the release date for "The Phantom Menace", but also because I got to fuck my wife's best friend. This was something I'd always longed to do and I had never wanted my wife to know. However on this day, I did it and somehow my wife knew about it. She's now filing for a divorce. We booked at a motel and couldn't wait to show each other what we had in store. Within two hours we had fucked each other thrice to orgasm (maybe more for her). I then realized that it was late and I had to rush home. We quickly dressed up, but we encountered a small problem when she was unable to find her knickers. We searched through the sheets in vain. She then asked me not to worry and asked me to leave her behind as she searched for it. "Rush home before your wife gets uneasy," she remarked with a lot of concern. I rushed and reached home just in time to meet her still awake. She had the phone in her hand, ready to call my office, when I got in. "I was getting worried, honey," she said." You've been running haven't you? I can tell by the sweat on your face." Realizing I was sweating, I reached out to my pocket for a handkerchief. As I wiped my face, I noticed my wife was staring at me. I turned to the mirror only to see myself wiping my face with the knickers we had earlier desperately searched for.

funniness: 7.06

rating: R