Stanley T.

A boy, who has been suspended from school, arrives home with a letter in his hand and hands it over to his mother. She peruses through the letter and says, "How could you, Harry? You should be ashamed of yourself. Spying on your Geography teacher? Do you want to tell me that there are no other girls at school? Don't even try to answer me, young boy. Just wait for your dad, and then tell him what you have to say. I'm truly not interested." Later on in the evening his dad walks in from work and is informed of the happenings. He decides to have a private talk with Harry in the library. "So what do you have to say, boy?" Dad asks. "You win the bet, dad," the boy remarks, "It's true she doesn't wear her knickers and it is also true, that her pussy is the cleanest I'll ever see."

funniness: 7.15

rating: R