Tony P.

A woman walked into a bar and orders a drink. As she looked around, she spotted a man at the end of the bar, looking depressed. So she decided to go talk to him. He told her that his wife kicked him out for being too kinky. The woman was shocked because she too was just given the boot from her boyfriend for being too kinky. Feeling sorry for the guy, she invited him back to her place. They got back to her place, fooled around a bit, and the woman said, "I'll be right back." She walked into her bathroom and changed into a full leather Dominatrix outfit, whip, handcuffs and all that stuff. She walked out, and saw the man lying naked on her couch, smoking a cigarette. Confused, she asked, "I thought you were kinky, how are you done already?" The man replied, "Lady, I don't know what you think kinky is, but I just fucked your cat and shitted in your purse."

funniness: 6.39

rating: R