Erica J.

A rookie police officer from Atlanta was assigned a car for the first time. His supervisor told him that he had to make sure the car was back at the station when he signed back in to work. (He got the car on Friday and was working again on Monday.) So, having a new "toy", the rookie decided to show it off. He wanted to show his parents, they were having a cook-out that weekend and he thought it would be perfect to show it off then. Needless to say, his parents lived in Mobile Alabama. He drove the Atlanta crusier to Mobile. On the way home from his little trip, He saw an Alabama State Trooper having a bit of trouble with a car that was pulled over. So, he stopped to help out. The trooper asked him what he was doing so far away from Atlanta, so the rookie told him. The State Trooper called Atlanta to tell them and the rookie was sent back to Atlanta. He was suspended for misuse of company material.

funniness: 4.66

rating: G