Sara Z.

Once a mother said to her daughter, "Go to town and try to make some money." The daughter, who was wearing a dress, on her way to town was met by a man. "I'll give you $1.00 if you climb that tree." The daughter agreed and climbed the tree. When she got home she told her mother about the man. The mother told her never to do that for $1.00 again. The next day the same thing happened except this time the man gave her $5.00. Again the mother said never do that for $5.00. The same event happened the whole week with the payment rising to a much as $50.00. Finally the mother told the girl that that the man wanted to see her underwear. The next day the girl met up with the man and the man offered $55.00. Later the daughter came home and told her mommy how she made the money. She also added, "Mommy mommy I am so smart. You know how you said that the man just wants to look at my underwear. Well I took it off so he couldn't see."

funniness: 7.42

rating: R