Daniel M.

A guy walks into a bar in Texas, and orders a hot dog. He gets this 3-foot-long hot dog. "Dang, this is big!" he says "Well, everything's bigger in Texas," the bartender replies "Now I need something to wash it down with. How about a beer." He gets this huge trash can size glass full of beer "Dang this is big!" he exclaims. "Everything's bigger in texas," the bartender replies. He finishes it off, and really has to go to the bathroom. "Down the hall, to the left," the bartender says. He goes down the hall, but to the right. He comes out, and says "Dang, your toilets are big!" "Well, everything's bigger in Texas." About half an hour later, a big guy comes out from the back and says, "Hey, Ernie, someone took a crap in the pool!"

funniness: 5.44

rating: PG