Vy L.

A young boy about age 7 or 8 was wondering what his mom's age was. His friends told him just to ask her and she'll tell him. He goes home and after doing his homework, he asks his mom, "How old are you, mom?" She says, "That is none of your business, young man!" He went to school to tell his friends that his mom didn't want him to know her age. His friends then told him to look at his mom's driver's licence. Coming up with this great idea, he went home and looked at her driver's licence. After getting the information he needed he walked up to his mom and said, "Mom I know that you are 39, I know your name is Rose Smith, and I know why dad left you." She then asked him,"why did your dad left me?" He said, "Dad left you because you got an F in Sex!"

funniness: 6.95

rating: R