Jennifer S.

A group of six-year old boys are talking in the park one day. One of the little boy mentions that he heard the word "penis" but he doesn't know what it means. Unfortunatly, none of the other boys knows either. So they decide to ask a man who is standing near by. One little boy walk up to him and says, "Excuse me sir, could you please tell me what a penis is?" The man says, "I'll do even better than that, I'll show you what a penis is." So he unzips his pants, pulls it out and exclaims, "This is a penis, but not only is this a penis, it is also the perfect penis!" So the little boy thanks him and runs back to tell his friends. When he gets to the other boys, he pulls out his penis and says, "This is a penis... and if it were two inches shorter, it would be the perfect penis."

funniness: 7.15

rating: PG