Eric N.

Jack and Dan work together and are good friends while at work. Outside of work they live different lives. One day, Jack and Dan are in the breakroom relaxing and drinking coffee when Jack asks Dan the following: JACK: Hey Dan can I ask you a personal question? DAN: It depends, how personal? JACK: Not much. Just wondering if you keep any secrets from your wife? DAN: Oh no. I tell my wife everything. JACK: Really. Then let me ask you this. If you went camping in the woods. You got all drunk and passed out, and in the morning you woke up with scrapes all on your knees and hands. And coming out of your ass was a used condom! Would you tell your wife that? DAN YELLS: Hell no! JACK: Okay! (Pauses a few seconds) Hey Dan, Wanna go camping?

funniness: 7.09

rating: R