Shawna L.

Once there was a lady who wanted to get her lips "down there" reduced. So she went to the doctor and told him what she wanted done, and that it was really embarrassing so not to tell anyone, not even her husband. On the day of the operation the doctor told her not to worry, and that this was a very common procedure. When she woke up from the anesthesia, she saw three bouquets of flowers. She wondered who sent the flowers since she told the doctor not to tell anyone. So when the doctor came in, the lady asked him who sent the flowers. The doctor said, "One of them is from me, just to say that the operation went fine. The next one is from the nurse that took care of you. And the last bouquet is from a man down in the burn section, thanking you for his new ears!"

funniness: 7.07

rating: R