Teddy S.

This man is walking in the dessert for days, and he's a real clean freak so he holds his bowels until he can find a bathroom. After a few days, he comes upon a bar. Here's a chance for him to go to the bathroom. He walks in and asks the bartender, "Excuse me sir, where is your bathroom?" The bartender replies, "Upstairs, 2nd door on the left." The man nods and heads upstairs. By accident, he walks in the 1st door on the left, and sees an empty room with just a small hole in the middle of the room. He assumes this is the bathroom and he just can't hold it anymore. So he squats down under the hole and lets it all go. Feeling good, he decides to go downstairs and get a drink. He walks down and looks around and everyone is covered in shit! He asks, "What happened?!" The bartender says, "There he stands all spick and span. Where were you when the shit hit the fan?"

funniness: 6.50

rating: R