Thomas C.

Random thoughts Just a few of the thoughts that come to me through the course of a week.... 3/10/99 There are about six inches of white stuff on the ground outside, which is cold. Not the outside, the white stuff. However, the outside is cold, too. Just in a different way. It's kind of like saying that a bible is holy, and then turning around and saying that a wiffle ball is, too. When people annoy me, sometime I just want to slap them. But, since that is antisocial, vulgar, and just plain rude, I don't. Still, I've got to do SOMETHING to let out my frustrations, so I walk up to them and wave my hand in front of them and go, "Slap, slap, slap." But they just look at me funny, rather than recoil as if hit. I guess they just don't get it. 3/11/99 I wonder if, in the future, people will be able to do all kinds of stuff online that they can't do now. I mean, nowadays, one can do all their shopping, reading, and socializing online, if they are so inclined. In future, will it be possible to do more, such as joining the Army online, going through basic training online, and then, when in the Army chat room, using foul language and getting a dishonorable online discharge, and being barred from future online employment except for those which are bottom of the barrel, such as McDonald's Fry Chef online. 3/18/99 I have, in my office, a blue shark made of foam rubber. He is now my official mascot, and will help me on my crusades against stupidity. He sits atop my monitor and stares down at me. Stares. At me. Constantly. In fact, it's starting to get a little unnerving. 4/27/99 I am now the Admiral. I am wearing these blue board things on either shoulder, and they designate me as Admiral, and give me all the rights and responsibilities of one, too. If you don't believe me, just look at my shoulders! See? Blue boards! Can't argue with that.

funniness: 4.15

rating: PG