Tota S.

I am a Private "Investigator." One day I was sitting in my office when a tall blonde walks past, I knew she was tall 'cause I was sitting on the seccond floor! Then I received this STRANGE phonecall, a REALLY strange phone call because I don't have a phone! They told me to arrive at a scene of a crime, so I ran downstairs and called a TAXI, the taxi stopped with a jerk, the jerk stepped out and I stepped in. One the way we missed a corner, we had to stop and put it back. At the scene of the crime the victim had five bullet wounds in his head, ten shotgunn wounds in his stomach and fifteen stabs in the back. Died of natural causes. At the scene there was also this BEAUTIFULL woman and she gave me this buuuurning kiss, then she took out her cigarette and gave me another one. I decided to take her to her house so we grabbed a TAXI. One the way a brick flew through the window and hit her in the tits, I broke four fingers. When we arrived at her house I tried to kiss her goodnight, but she closed her legs and broke my nose!

funniness: 5.65

rating: R