Stanley T.

Mike, the slyest male around, laid out a plan for his next sex victim. This time round Brendah was his choice. Brendah, though beautiful, was not very bright, that is why she was Mike's favorite choice this time. Mike invited her over for a game of strip poker, knowing too well that he could never lose in this game. Brendah fell for the trick and went ahead to play this forbidden game. The rules were as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Both parties were to dress in only a pair of jeans (strictly no underwear) and a T-shirt. If one loses the first round, the trousers goes out first; then the shirt and after the third round the loser would be bound to perform oral sex on the winner. The game begun and after the first round, Brendah had lost, off went her jeans. She then lost the second round, so off went her top. Then Mike cunningly let her win the next two rounds so that they were both naked. They were only left with the final round, which Brendah lost again, and she did what she had to do. Within no time they were eating each other out. They made love till dawn. Mike was a sure winner. Satisfied with his genius ability, he whispers a question to her ear asking her how she felt. Brendah answered, "I couldn't have felt better. This is the best lovemaking I've had, ever since my sex change."

funniness: 7.11

rating: R