Kim M.

A blonde arrived in New York from Germany not knowing any English. She walking around and the first word she heard was yes. She began to say, "Yes, yes, yes." She entered a diner where she heard a man ask for a fork and knive, so she began saying, "Fork and knive, fork and knive." While in the diner she saw a child put a quarter in a machine and the child said "Goody-goody-gumdrops." As she exited the diner she saw some police officers and a ambulence. She walked over and watched. The police officer saw her and asked her if she had murdered the man. "Yes, yes, yes." she replied. He asked her how she killed him and she answered, "Fork and knive, fork and knive." The officer then told her she was going to jail and she replied, "Goody-goody-gumdrops."

funniness: 5.53

rating: PG