Laurus S.

A man and his dog were out hiking. They came to a trail unfamiliar to them. As they went along the trail, they went deeper into the woods. Eventually they were lost. The man spotted a run down shack. He went to it and saw two rednecks sitting on the front porch. He shouted to them, "Hey! You guys know the way outta here?" One of the rednecks says, "Ya make a left at the next fork, and pretty soon you'll be led out of the forest!" The traveling man yells out "Thank You! By the way, what do you guys do for fun?" The redneck says, "Come again?" The Traveler says, "What do you guys do for a hobby?" The redneck replies, "Around here, the only hobbies we have are hunting and killing and fucking." The traveler says, "What do you hunt and kill?" The redneck replies, "Something to fuck!"

funniness: 5.09

rating: R